About Renee Jones

At an early age, you could find me doodling on napkins,  walls, and anything else.

These days, I express my creative talents on paper.

My art celebrates love & positivity in the female form. Expect melanin and natural hair, as well as vivid colors.  

I enjoy helping increase opportunities for women of color to see reflections of themselves in art. 

If you’ve stopped by my page because you’re an art lover, claiming or remodeling a space, searching for a gift or simply looking for new ways to express yourself, it’s much appreciated.

Every sale, social media follow/like, kind word, and "I see you, girl" head nod touches me in a way that's hard to describe without shedding a thug tear.

The sales touch me the most, though. I'm just keeping it real. ;P

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- Renee Jones

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